G-Star RAW Bomber Sweater - Black - Men XXL Black male
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Sidst opdateret: 1/22/2022
Bomber Sweater features a ribbed collar and flap pockets at the waist. One of the sleeves offers a soft touch Velcro badge placer. This sweat jacket has a 2-way zipper closure. The snaps alongside add detail. Ribbed collar,Flap pockets at the waist- hidden snap button closure,Soft touch Velcro badge placer at the sleeve,Straight hem, ribbed edge,2-way zipper closure,Snaps placed alongside the zipper This style is cut from a heavy sweat fabric with a terry looped interior. Soft, heavy weight sweat fabric,Unbrushed, terry looped inside,Smooth, even structure,100% Organic cotton,Organic cotton fibers are free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Growing organic cotton improves the soil quality, prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity, while saving up to 60% water.
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